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Find Out How Thompson Can Help With New Construction Roofing

Thompson Home Improvement has provided new construction roofing in Southwest Michigan for over 35 years. In this time, we have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with many talented builders and homeowners on their projects. These projects range from standard value builds to high-end luxury builds. New construction is just as important to us as remodel roofing, as it is all a part of what we do. It is important for us to work hard at being diversified in our services and continually learning how we can best help our clients.

What do we do for new construction builders?

In new construction, most frequently we are working with local builders. These builders have created trusted names for themselves in our community and they look to partner with trades like us to help them uphold the integrity of the quality of homes they build. Part of that integrity for new construction roofing is ensuring your tradesman helps you to navigate installing quality products, and that they have access to secure, fair pricing on both materials and labor. In our industry, we call this turnkey business. 

Thompson Home Improvement is a certified four-star installer with Certainteed roofing products. We believe in the quality of these products and have been able to celebrate thousands of satisfied clients over the years using these products. This holds true with our builder clientele, as well. Certainteed offers a wide variety of shingle options from your standard high-quality base shingle with landmarks all the way up to luxury and designer options for your high-end custom design needs. With Michigan being the home to so many beachfront and lakefront communities, it is not uncommon to have clients that want to have designer product selections for their new construction options

Staying up to date with Certainteed products

Thompson Home Improvement works closely with both the manufacturer and our suppliers to ensure we are up to date on our certifications with Certainteed, and that we are also up to date on installation requirements for various products. We also ensure ongoing availability of these products, new product education and reviews, as well as pricing and buying opportunities to help allow our builders to extend additional discounts to their clients if available.

The new construction roofing market is an important market for many roofing companies. It not only helps us to grow our business in the building trades industry but it affords us the opportunity to participate in memberships with great groups such as the West Michigan Home Builders Association, but also with families that come to know us as a company they can count on if something goes wrong with their roof in the future, or as a company that they can refer to friends or family for their individual roofing needs; whether that be for future new construction roofing or replacement roofing.

How customers benefit from our new construction roofing

We are always excited to help our clients navigate their projects as seamlessly and successfully as possible. It is our hope that with our buying strategies with our suppliers, our relationships with our manufacturers, and our client relationships we can have an end result that everyone feels good about. We understand that when building a home, what works for one build isn’t always what works for another build. We do have value builders that need additional options so that they can manage offering entry-level homes within a targeted budget. We also have builder clients who wish to manage material procurement privately and simply resource us for the labor. When it comes to new construction there are many nuances to be considered, pending the desired target and outcome. 

Building a long-term, beneficial partnership

With new construction, it is also important for builders to have a relationship with a roofing company like Thompson Home Improvement that offers and honors workmanship warranties that cover material and labor repair requirements in the event there is a failure or issue with the roof in relation to the install. Thompson Home Improvement works hard to strive for perfection in all of our installs, but there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to installing a quality roof and we understand that mistakes can be made. If the mistake is ours, we are happy to honor our private workmanship warranty coverage to fix whatever might be going on with any of our roofs.

Contact us to discuss your new construction roofing needs

If you are a builder in our service area and have not previously used Thompson Home Improvement for your new construction roofing needs, please give us a call today. We would love the opportunity to begin a new relationship with any of our local talented builders. We offer free material estimation as a service, we also extend our special pricing to any builder client that makes a long term commitment to us for multiple roofing installs over the course of each year. We will manage all of your roofing requirements, from estimation and proposal to product samples for client selections to labor and material management from start to finish. Builder scheduling notifications and client selections and payment are all we require from the builder. All billing is issued upon completion.

For commercial roofing options for apartment buildings, condos, townhomes, or business buildings we do have additional contract options available for extended build draw requirements. Please inquire within for these options and additional discounts or opportunities that might be available to you. Thompson Home Improvement has many valued, long-term relationships with local builders already which gives us the ability to provide references if you are a new client looking to vet our roofing services or if you are a homeowner looking to assist in your trades selections with your builder. Please feel free to inquire directly with us about any of the information within this blog. 

Please be advised that options available may vary from client to client. We will make sure we review all specific needs to make sure we can offer you pricing and service that fits your program.