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Ensure Quality With a Trusted Provider of Residential Roofing Services

Thompson Home Improvement is Southwest Michigan’s go-to provider of residential roofing services. We’re here to help manage all of your roofing needs. With over 37 years of experience in the industry, we know better than anyone how daunting and frustrating it can be to navigate the world of residential roofing.

Because of our experience, we also understand that not all residential roofing services are the same. When you consider hiring a roofing company, you should expect them to be well-versed in a wide range of problems that clients may experience. At Thompson Home Improvement, though, we can safely say that we’ve seen it all. However, saying we’ve seen it all doesn’t always mean we’re capable of handling it all.

Know the capabilities of your residential roofing services

Another important thing to consider when it comes to hiring a roofing contractor is this: are they willing to identify and discuss the items in your project they may not be capable of handling? For example, not all residential roofing service providers are capable of managing structural framing repairs. Pending the structure and the need, it may be necessary to employ another trade, such as a framer. And, if the roofer you’ve selected isn’t able to handle extreme structural or deterioration damage prior to installing a roof, you may need to look elsewhere.

One more thing to ask is if your residential roofer has relationships with other trades. These relationships can allow them to coordinate the various parts of your project seamlessly to ensure it’s successfully completed.

In Thompson Home Improvement’s time servicing the Southwest Michigan community, we have developed many high-quality relationships with other trades. These relationships allow us to quickly address project management issues that require skills we need to complete the job, in most cases. 

Residential roofing is more than just replacing a roof

Residential roofing service involves more than just full roof replacements. In some cases, you may just be looking for a gutter cleaning service or a roof inspection service. You may be looking to have a repair issue managed. Or maybe you’re building an addition and need a new roof installed that’s tied into your existing roof with a seamless transition.

There could be any number of things you’d like to address when it comes to your roofing needs. For all intents and purposes, Thompson Home Improvement is a full-service roofing company. We manage many different kinds of projects, including: 

  • Free roof replacement estimates for asphalt roofing 
  • Free roof replacement estimates for EPDM and two-ply rubber roofing systems
  • Free repair estimates for both pitched shingle roofs and commercial flat roofs
  • Gutter and gutter screen installs and replacement (we do not handle gutter repairs) 
  • Temporary tarping for storm damage (we do not offer after-hours or immediate emergency services)
  • We offer both new construction and replacement residential roofing installs 
  • We offer both new construction and replacement commercial building roofing installs 
  • We offer some framing and all roof decking repair and replacement services if we discover they’re needed when removing an existing roof 
  • We also offer subfascia and fascia repair and replacement if we uncover damaged or unstable fascia when installing a new roof 
  • We offer roof inspections and reports for the sale of a building, a home, or for insurance requirements 

Have a conversation with your residential roofing company

The best way to understand what residential roofing services a company might offer is to call them to discuss your needs. Roofing contractors who value helping their clients understand  managing a client’s needs should always be a priority. Whether to answer questions or satisfy concerns prior to even scheduling an estimate, they should make time for you.

Here at Thompson Home Improvement, we will often take estimate appointments just so we can evaluate a client’s particular need in person, even if we anticipate it might not be a service we offer. And, in many cases, we have a list of readily available companies to refer people to for those services. 

We often mention – not only in our blogs or our personal interactions – your home is your most valuable asset and your roof is the first line of defense for protecting that asset. Carefully choosing your residential roofing service provider should come with some scrutiny. You should create expectations that need to be met for them to qualify for an opportunity to manage your project.

Southwest Michigan’s most trusted residential roofing services

If you have a residential roofing service that you need to address now or in the future, please give us a call or submit a contact form on our website so we can discuss your individual needs. Thompson Home Improvement handles a lot of business in our community and has proven experience that speaks for itself.

We are family owned and operated by owner Woody Thompson and myself, the business manager, Emily Morgan. Managing a business with just the two of us gives you access to the people in charge 24/7. And, with over 45 years of combined experience between the two of us, we know how important communication is.

There are many quality residential roofing service providers in our community that we consider capable and skilled competition. We are grateful for the opportunity to prove to our clients at every opportunity that they are making an excellent choice when it comes to choosing us as their residential roofing provider. We are licensed and insured and happy to provide our credentials upon request. If we aren’t your first choice for your residential roofing service, we wish you much luck and success with your project and your company of choice.