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How to Find the Best Roofing Company 

When its time to replace or repair your roof, finding the best roofing company that’s right for your project is an important decision that can be daunting. Searching online can bring overwhelming results. Thompson Home Improvement would like to help you understand how to narrow down your options to the most reputable roofing companies in […]

What is a Storm Chasing Contractor?  

In our previous blog we wrote about dealing with storm damage and making a claim for damage to your roof and home. We outlined the process of making the claim and discussed how things work in the relationship with expectations and requests between an agency, the client and the contractor. The other part to managing […]

Understanding the Ins and Outs of Financing

Are you in the beginning phases of planning a large home project? Specifically a roofing project? Are you tying to figure out how to budget for such a large expense? In previous blogs we have discussed, planning for a roofing project, determining whether you have an extended or immediate time line for planning or need […]

How to Select The Best Roofing Company for Your Roofing Project

Home projects of any kind always feel daunting, we get it! How do you find the right contractor? Someone experienced, someone affordable, someone available, someone trustworthy? We have lots to be mindful of in the way of credentials when it comes to hiring someone to trust our most valuable possession with for one of our […]

When is the best time to roof or re-roof my home?

Planning and budgeting for a roofing project is no small feat. Roofing is one of the larger and more expensive projects you will embark on when it comes to home maintenance, remodels, or upgrades. Roofing often ends up being one of the last home maintenance projects homeowners consider, in part due to expense; but also […]

Ice Damming: “What Is It, How Can I Fix It?”

Have you ever wondered how Ice Damming works? Have you ever looked at your roof in MI winters and thought… “I need to do something about this?” If so give us a call, no better time to take care of your roof problems before the bad weather gets here. 269-244-4379.

12 Signs You Need a Roof Repair, Warnings, Checks and What to Do

Do you have an older roof that is reaching its life expectancy? Or did you just purchase a home that has signs of previous and or current issues? Do you have a middle aged roof that is experiencing weather or workmanship related issues that could cause expensive interior damage? These are just a few of […]

How to Find Trusted Roofers in Kalamazoo

Building or repairing your home is always a wise investment, considering you’ll be spending much of your time there. Your roof is likely to be the first part of your home to get damaged. When looking to install a new roof or repair the damaged one, you’ll be faced with two choices: Do it yourself or hire […]